Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At the beach one morning

When the ocean has been sad, been weeping furies of tears that break the world down into very small particles, and the mist is everywhere in my eyes and hair, I love to walk with the seagulls along the shoreline. Nothing is more beautiful than when the sun first begins its shine on those turbulent waves. This dense peace, as the light glistens on spray and foam, is not the happiness of a sunny day with its carefree azure waves. It is the deep peace of those who have known pain in their lives. It is the beauty of soothing, of soft healing, perhaps even of forgiveness.

Early Monday morning on Labor Day, I walked the beach one more time before we left. I felt the windy chill leave my skin as a the horizon broke into blue fire, and color emerged. The subtlety was astounding.


  1. Beautiful words. So is your work, I especially like your bottle vases. They are definitely speaking to me!

  2. LEe you are as good a writer as you are a ceramic artist! Sounds like a wonderful walk along the beach. I love the photo of you guys river rafting. I have never done that. Cheers to you for being yourself and sticking to your conviction!!
    congrats on all the wonderful features as well!!

  3. Awesome word imagery, no picture necessary, your words make the beach come alive for me, like the sun burning off the fog.

  4. I do so love the beach! and your imagery is perfect.

  5. i took the walk with you Lee .. this is a gorgeous post. I too love the beach, especially after a storm, always lots of little treasures to be found.

    I'm finally starting to catch up on some blog reading ;)
    kerrin x