Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

Happy New Year 2014 from Lee Wolfe Pottery

Looking ahead to the new year, I’m going to explore the same themes in my pottery as in my personal life. This is no big insight or revelation to those who study the things that drive artists. No matter what we say our motives are, we also want to create something we don’t find in our life outside the studio. We are alchemists, magickians, philosophers, mad scientists, shamans intuitively calling forth objects that exist because our will, our vision, needed them to be.

For the last decade or so, I’ve worked on the symmetry of concentric shapes:

camellia nesting set 4

valentine nestingbowl set 7

Modern Lace 2

This past year I’ve been captivated by the negative space between vessels side by side. And isn’t it fascinating that the term for this is “negative space”? Since, coincidently, a lot of what sits between people as we get close to each other ain’t so harmonious. I wonder why that is. So this New Years Day, as I set intentions for the next spin around our sun, I choose to explore that gap of negative space. An old line from a Pink Floyd song played in my mind when I thought about it- “If I were a good man, I’d understand the spaces between friends.”

the spaces between friends

I think it will be an exciting and productive year ahead!

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