Saturday, October 26, 2013

Simple and natural holiday table

My favorite meals are with a few people at a time, and I like an intimate setting that lets us all shed our worries, relax, and enjoy that exquisite pleasure of being appreciated. Without taking hours of time, I make a few welcoming arrangements of candles, flowers and pottery in my foyer, living room, and dining room. I like this a lot better than an over-the-top table runner packed with tall, intimidating objects so that you can’t see across the table. These look great when you are making them, but I’ve found that they aren’t truly inviting. No one feels comfortable being the only one who can’t recognize a Rookwood vase, or comment knowledgably on Japanese floral arrangements.  I pull more precious objects out for large gatherings but for my small dinner parties, I like simple and natural. Like this:

white reindeer ornament in simple display simple and natural holiday decor

natural and minimalist table centerpiece arrangement natural winter decor with Owl House ornament

minimalist holiday place setting place setting with handmade dinnerware

Click on any pic here to see details or purchase. Hope you have some guests over soon!

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