Sunday, September 22, 2013

FAQ : custom order requests

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There are two types of questions I get from online shoppers, primarily from Etsy. They are variations of:

a) I love your work! I’m looking for a garlic grater with glazes like your Organic Soul swirling together to form the Chinese character for crumbcake. Can you make this for me?

b) I love your work! I want a mug exactly like picture C. Can I get exactly that one?

I am not the person who will do this. I am not the person who makes something you love. You are the person who loves something I make.

The experience of making pottery full time for 35 years is like this: When I enter my studio, there is a rushing stream. Experience has given me a raft and mastery of skill, a paddle, but the current is strong. If I flow with the current, this amazing sense of grace and freedom arises. My pottery emerges from this experience. I don’t have production lists, schedules or a business plan, other than not to go to jail for tax evasion and other practicalities.

I can choose certain forks in the stream- bowls, plates, owls, flowers. On any given day I might discover a new tributary: melon shapes! Bird’s nests! Chevron texture! New directions are discovered in the journey. They are not programmed into a GPS in advance.

If you are familiar with  me through my blogs or Facebook, you know that I’ve scrutinized each kiln load for the pieces that hold magic vs. those that are just ok. The latter gets reglazed and refired until something joyful emerges. I will sell flawed pieces as  discounted seconds but the hopelessly ugly and lifeless ones are not sold.

Buy my work if you want to hold a bowl made with pleasure and mindfulness. Perhaps you will find these invisible qualities arising within you as you use my pieces. I like that. And I’m so grateful that we found each other!

There are things I currently love to make that are available as Custom Order options on my website when they are out of stock. And I also offer some ways to personalize my work to suit your individual needs and tastes. Here are some options:

Family Bowl: custom made for your family


Flower Bowls: choose your glazes in 1 or 2 sizes; create your own nesting bowl set if you like

Choose from a large selection of dinnerware options and I will custom make your set

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brian eno

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  1. I LOVE this phrase: "I am not the person who will do this. I am not the person who makes something you love. You are the person who loves something I make." PERFECT.