Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Business Cards

I never had a professional business card – until now! This was designed by Eva Black Design, and printed by Mama’s Sauce, who spent considerable time hunting down the holographic ink. The cards change color as light passes over them. It’s soooo cool. It’s so me! Eva took into account my ceramic work, my commitment to organic shapes and the Handmade Movement, and my unique sense of style. The hand lettered logo on my website was chosen from several initial designs. I wanted something a step bolder for the cards. On Pinterest I found the holographic ink, which was used with very blocky type on black by an Italian artist. Eva made it work on white letterpress with my new brushstoke logo. Here are some photos- not as great as the cards because the beauty is in the fiery rainbow that shoots off the type as you move the cards, but it gives you an idea. Hiring a logo and branding designer helped me understand my own unique point of view. I’m going to feel very good about sending these cards out with future purchases. Hopefully buyers will be enchanted with the movement of light across the type, and keep the card. That little spark of magic is what I live for; where my work originates, where it might take you if you let your free spirited heart be swayed.

bus card 1

 bus card 6


  1. I love the cards Lee! They look wonderful and so very in keeping with your stylish aesthetic!

  2. Using holographic ink on white was a smart choice. The ink itself makes the print unique, so there's little need for any extra designs. The cards look amazing! I wonder how the print would look on black cards. -Retta @ Turf Signs

  3. This design is truly unique, ingenious and intriguing. It will truly capture the attention of the person whom you will give it to. One of the most significant factors on how a calling card will look like is if the printer is of high-quality. Thanks for sharing, and good luck! :)

    Stasia Snellgrove @ ALB Image

  4. With a business card so well thought of, beautifully designed, and perfectly printed like this one, I bet everyone you hand it over to will surely keep it. Business cards may just be a little piece of paper, but they play a huge role in every business. Through them, you are able to introduce your business – what you offer and how they can benefit from you. And yours is playing the part so well. Congratulations!
    Faye @ MasterCopyPrint.com