Thursday, December 27, 2012

thoughts for the new year

For 6 weeks I poured every ounce of myself into mugs, bowls, hand formed tree branches, owls,and jars. Let'a not forget the Birds Nest casseroles,which shipped in large batches the same day they came out of the kiln. Packing was never finished until midnight. Emails poured in from around the world from happy buyers. I admit that there is a buoyant trancelike high that comes with intense focus,hard work, and success. Doing something well is very satisfying. Getting recognition for that is a sweet intoxication. I didn't hit the wall of burnout this year but I wound up exhausted in that braindead bone weary state where you can't really sleep because stacks of orders and unread emails haunt your dreams.

My husband and I took a short trip over the weekend to soak in the mineral waters of Hot Springs NC, just an hour north of Asheville. We stayed at River Dance B & B, which has one of the most spectacular views. We watched the stars come out over a steep gorge where the Laurel River makes a sharp bend. We hiked, and visited artists' studios in nearby Marshall. We also treated ourselves to an herbal body wrap, massage, and facial before soaking in the mineral water. I want to spend some time doing creative projects that don't involve clay, making long slow meals and having conversations that do not involve electronic devices. Just for  a few days. I do have new designs in pottery brewing. My New Years goals are the same as last years. THIS time I will be fully prepared for the 2013 holiday buying spree. One can dream.... Maybe I need to book my spa weekend in advance. Crazy has away of putting on a new face and slipping in my back door no matter how many times I kick her to the curb. At least she has good stories, and the best jokes.

Its time to find that perfect balance between crazy and peace.

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