Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the home decor outside your door

I have gathered dried stalks, seed pods, fallen pine cones, and twigs. The many shades of brown are as remarkable as a rainbow now that the loud autumn has gone. There are also green textures, bright berries, and a few hearty asters. Here are some arrangements I've made with my daily finds. First, here is what I've gathered today:

I like to add some drama with gold, silver, and a bit of neon paint.If you do this sparingly,  it looks like natural pops of color in bright natural sunlight.

Here are some arrangements I've made:

I used this for a diner party:

When guests compliment my work I can talk of things made by hands and how I found a hollow log, a perfect pine cone, or cluster of purple berries; all that I find exquisite. One free thing can set you free. Occasionally.

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