Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Urban Rustic Dinnerware

Beach Storm 1

Beach Storm dinnerware set

My dinnerware had to be changed. This directive did not come from the marketplace, clearly; I have orders booked 8 months out. I don’t know, after all these years, what drives my work forward in new directions.

blue vines bowl 1

Ice blue bowl with vines

I know that I worked through many transitions until these new pieces finally emerged. As soon as I had enough individual pieces that felt right, I began assembling them into sets. The last piece to emerge was the thrown and altered bowl from Minimalist:

minimalist 1

Minimalist dinnerware set

Which is also in this set:

soft kiss 3

Soft Kiss dinnerware set

River Journey has the same elements of my older set except for the vines on the underside:

river journey dinnerware 1

But I truly, after all these years, do not know where these ideas come from. If I want new ideas, what I do is to stare at something from the natural world, or perhaps photographs of it. One minute there are shadows from the fence posts in the late afternoon, and the next there are textured stripes in my clay.

Sarah- Lambert Cooke wrote this week about inspiration here.  Victoria, owner of Donauluft wrote about it here.

We seem to have one thing in common. Inspiration is born in moments of fascination. It is the best experience I have ever known.


  1. "Inspiration is born in moments of fascination" well said!
    I love the title you gave to your beautiful new dinnerware set!!

  2. I think inspiration must naturally always be a bit mysterious, always a bit unexplainable.
    (I love the minimalist dinnerware set!)

  3. I love your newest style. It is just gorgeous! How funny that inspiration has struck each of us when we just get away. I really like how you say it: "Inspiration is born in moments of fascination." So true!

  4. It's the fascination with nature and with our surroundings that keeps things alive within us when we are not as connected as we might like. Nothing is stagnate and our work, even when it seems to be slow in progressing is always moving. . . these new pieces and sets are wonderful Lee. Inspired and directly fed by the natural world around you.


  5. Gorgeous sets Lee! Amazing how an artist's eye is constantly changing and evolving.