Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pottery Loved by a Potter

I’ve always been opinionated, especially about what looks good, and really, there should be some sort of syndrome named for how opinionated I am about what is good or bad in pottery. Maybe 2% of all pottery made qualifies as even good, and then only maybe 10% of that qualifies as something I like. So there may be worthwhile pottery that doesn’t make my list but you cannot convince me of that, so don’t even go there!
So here are pieces by a few claymakers whose work enthralls me at the moment:

By Romy and Clare, it’s the organic shapes that push  the barriers of function without being unfuctional that really awe me. And the modern version of hand painted fruit. I just love it, and everything they do!

From HodakaPottery, it’s how harmonious and quiet this piece seems, while using so many design flourishes. Really quite stunning.

By JustMare, it’s the soft, subtle glazes paired with the twig handle- such an original interpretation of a mug!

You know I'm a fan of MarciG! Even if she wasn’t my daughter…. I’d be in awe of this huge emerging talent. Her pieces are magical and functional.

By peifferStudios, the organic shape that utilizes both stained and glazed areas is alive with that peace that comes from knowing nature intimately.

This is someone to watch! She has always had a unique vision and she’s really coming into her own lately. Keep your eye on DBabcock!
By WhitneySmith, this pine cone inspired set of nesting bowls is visually sophisticated and flawlessly executed. Whitney is a creative giant whose work evolves in new directions as if a fine geneticist is cross breeding nature with clay.
When I look at pottery, which has been made by human hands for over 10,000 years, the words of Werner Erhard come to mind:
“Any idiot can walk the path when shown it. But out here, there is no path. The path is made by your walking. “
And that’s what I love to see. Someone following their own muse, forging their own path, speaking in an ancient tongue but saying something that takes you into a yet uncharted inner terrain.


  1. Wow....I am SO honored, Lee. I can't believe you chose one of my pieces for this series with some of the most talented people I've admired for years. Thank you! - Deb

  2. Wow! You are a writer! I really enjoyed reading this post, and am thrilled you included my work amongst such talent! Your work is amazing as well!


  3. Beautiful work, wonderful things. LOVE them all, the Romy & Clare is something else.

  4. This is such an honor! You have chosen some wonderful pieces here. We love seeing this work but it is especially interesting to hear your editorial on your selections.

    Please be sure to look at the talented author's work here...

    Both a talented author and potter!

    Romy & Clare

  5. You have a good eye, Lee! But, then, a glimpse of your own work makes that evident!

  6. I love it when people call me a creative giant! Thanks for the recognition Lee, it always feels good to be appreciated by your colleagues.

  7. what a beautiful and inspiring post lee.. thank you for sharing these artists... what a way to start my morning!