Thursday, November 11, 2010

to write love on her arms

Rachel of GetReadySetGo, has asked us to make treasuries in support of a movement that creates hope for those struggling with depression. Marci (my teen daughter and model) wrote LOVE on her arms in our listing photo shoot, and this Friday, I invite you to do the same. Our healing wishes and prayers for all affected.

These are excerpts from Rachel’s blog:

We all wake to the human condition. We wake to mystery and beauty but also to tragedy and loss. Millions of people live with problems of pain. Millions of homes are filled with questions – moments and seasons and cycles that come as thieves and aim to stay. We know that pain is very real. It is our privilege to suggest that hope is real, and that help is real.
You need to know that rescue is possible, that freedom is possible, that God is still in the business of redemption. We're seeing it happen. We're seeing lives change as people get the help they need. People sitting across from a counselor for the first time. People stepping into treatment. In desperate moments, people calling a suicide hotline. We know that the first step to recovery is the hardest to take. We want to say here that it's worth it, that your life is worth fighting for, that it's possible to change.

                                                by SewnNatural
Beyond treatment, we believe that community is essential, that people need other people, that we were never meant to do life alone.
The vision is that community and hope and help would replace secrets and silence.
The vision is people putting down guns and blades and bottles.
The vision is that we can reduce the suicide rate in America and around the world.
The vision is that we would learn what it means to love our friends, and that we would love ourselves enough to get the help we need.
The vision is better endings. The vision is the restoration of broken families and broken relationships. The vision is people finding life, finding freedom, finding love. The vision is graduation, a Super Bowl, a wedding, a child, a sunrise.

                                                    by 3squares

The vision is people becoming incredible parents, people breaking cycles, making change.
The vision is the possibility that your best days are ahead.

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  1. A serendipitous find...saw you Lee on Twitter, and it led here. "People breaking cycles," ...ah, yes, that which leads those without purpose to a higher ground...inch by inch, baby steps...yes. Restoration of inner faith.

    Am very intimately involved with, the giver standing on the sidelines cheering special people on ... and gladly.

    Thank you for this excerpt.