Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Snow

   House in Winter_20060325_13 (1) Winter in Candler_20060211_13 (1)
Winter in Candler_20060212_25 Winter in Candler_20060209_04
The first cold flakes fell silently in the early dawn, blanketing the leaves we’ve not yet raked into piles.
Each white glistening orb seems like an answer falling from heaven. My world is transformed from autumn’s landscape of loss into a confection made with spun sugar and pearls.
It is beautiful as we walk outside, but we scurry inside soon as do all our woodland friends. Time to share our stories and dream our dreams by the fire.
Here is my new glaze, Blue Ice Crystal. The first piece sold right away but I'll be using it more in weeks to come. Wishing you beauty, and the light of love that shines from the eyes of those who gather with you by candles and fireplaces, as we burrow inside.


  1. such a beautiful post in all ways - and thank you for that article on lulubug... it was terrific...

  2. Terrific and i love the photos with the snow :) Nice article , Following you now :) follow me ? ;O

  3. Thank you for following jCraft!