Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Flowers: Poppies

Roxanna, of Illuminated Perfume, has organized a blogorama on the theme of May Flowers, as a celebration of May Day. Please join in the fun for daily reads from writers and artists coming together from all parts of the world with their own unique voice. I’ve chosen poppies.

Who has never marveled at the audacity of raging color, an invitation to abandon sorrow and give in to giddy happiness?

    Orange Poppy Bowl by MarciG
Who has never touched the delicate petals and thought of them as a  lace spun from the heart of magic?
         Icelandic poppy by TheFaerieMarket
Poppies are associated with remembrance, with war or peace, with the solemn sorrows of loss. And yet to me they are a call to awakening. And that beckoning towards an unreasonable intoxication, a joyful delight, is a kind of holiness.

         Felted Skirt by Ingermaaike
Each summer they open. No matter how harsh the winter, no matter how many died, they push forth and unfurl as if waving taunting bright flags. Death is not final! And sorrow cannot keep joy from showing it's face again!


  1. Poppies are the most amazing flowers, blooming on poor soil and giving good cheer to all who behold them! Thank you so very much for featuring my skirt here :-D

  2. Oh yes, they are absolutely wonderful!!!

  3. So beautifully written, I never think of flowers in a sad way except to say goodbye and thank you once they are done blooming.

    But then the memory of their beauty gives me something to look forward to during the fall and winter. They bring my focus to the earth when I look for their first sign of return in the spring. And anticipation on my way home each day to see who has decided to bloom today, who can I stick my nose into and get a heavenly scent (and a noseful of pollen).

    Its amazing the many forms that artists have created from their view of these wonderful beauties.

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  5. This is beautiful...and I love them, too!

  6. Thank-you, Lee, this is beautiful!

  7. Lovely post & imagery - and I think I need that poppy bowl!

  8. Poppies are my favorite. I love your blog!!!

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  10. What a wonderful post Lee. I love poppies as flags, their paper-like petals are really are flag like. Thanks so much for being part of the May Flowers event. ox

  11. So beautiful. Being a Californian, I have a special place in my heart for poppies :)

    I like how you arranged this post with beautiful items mixing in with your words. Lovely!