Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today we drove up on the Blue Ridge parkway where the leaves are peaking. There was a reverent hush as people of all nationalities with many blending accents and languages gazed with drunken rapture at oranges so deep that you might warm your hands just to touch them, and reds so surreal that perhaps fairies and trolls partied last night and splattered magic paint around. I saw young city girls clutching bouquets of giant leaves, gathered like precious jewels. A tall man with his toddler son shuffled through piles, and the man's face was lost in his own boyhood, while the young one had eyes like an old man who understood everything. It was beyond amazing.

And I see how this beauty, fierce and urgent, informs my life. When I shut my eyes now, the colors are still there. And when I hold my husband tonight, just before sleep, we will float through crisp air, soaring, gold and red and orange, and filled with light.


  1. so beautiful - in word and image... we are nearing peak here... and i find myself feeling like one does as a child before christmas as the anticipation builds ... but as an adult, i treasure the magic and do not want it to end... thank you for sharing your observances ~

  2. Wow, your beautiful words are burned into my brain just as easily as these fiery red and orange foliage. This and the cool crisp air as you so eloquently mentioned is why I love Autumn the most

  3. Just beautiful! Gotta love the drives on the Parkway. Here, about three hours from Asheville, the leaves seemed to turn overnight... all that blast of color at once. Am so enjoying it, and inspired by it! Great post... thanks for sharing.