Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guardian lantern

My Guardian Lantern is in this week's Etsy Voter- please check it out and consider voting for me! It is my first time in the Voter, so thank you to whoever nominated me. I have one like this piece in the front window of my studio. It greets me as I come and go, it shows off to my visitors the exact colors of Autumn, the glorious residue of stored up memories, the impossible reds, the sun soaked dust of gold.

The colors of autumn are the most fleeting in nature and maybe its a bit of irony to use them on my pottery, which is so unchanging and solid. Or maybe this is what all artists do. We capture moments that might otherwise be lost.


  1. This is awesome! I love it. I certainly will head over and give you my vote.
    Hope all is well at home.

  2. This is gorgeous!!!! You have my vote :)

  3. So very lovely! I'll be voting for you... good luck! And happy to have found your blog! I'll be following you now.