Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanksgivukah! Thanksgiving + Hanukkah

Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah coincide for the first time in 125 years! Latkes and cranberry ginger relish, hey, what’s not to love about that? The food is easy since our Thanksgiving dinner is served early afternoon so we can waddle off for a hike afterwards. Hanukkah will be my homemade latkes, rustic applesauce, and an extra dollop of leftover cranberry relish on top, with the sour cream optional. I’ve always served gingerbread Hanukkah cookies for dessert. So the only problem left is how to set the table to morph easily from the riot of fall colors to the cool blue of Hanukkah. My solution is to go with showy white flowers, vases and candles, accent the rustic side of Thanksgiving décor, add gray as a transitional tone, and use blue for color pop. My husband made the new rustic menorah, which we will light fully for the afternoon meal, and reset for Hanukkah in the evening. Here are some style shots you can use to help style your own Thanksgivukah.

Hanukah table on Thanksgiving 2 lilies in cone vase


rustic menorah rustic hanukkah 2

flower frog vase with star cookie table set for Hanukah Thanksgiving


Hanukkah place setting River Journey dinnerware with a rustic Hanukah setting

Harvest arrangement

May we be forever grateful for the miracles of light that bless our lives with hope and abundance. Have fun setting your table! The pottery here is available at Lee Wolfe Pottery.

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  1. Hello! Love your Hanukkah decor and especially your rustic menorah. My hubby has agreed to make me one, but I would love to know where you got the metal pieces to hold the candles!