Thursday, July 5, 2012


Bird plates
Two things have influenced how I see beauty lately- age and TM meditation. Something shifted in me as I turned 60 this year. The voice that mourns for my youth and freaks out over the size 8 jeans that don't fit no matter what I do shut up. Thank you! It was getting on my nerves. I have also resumed TM meditation, joined by my husband and daughter who learned for the first time last month, so we practice as a family now. Twice a day, 20 minutes of the deepest relaxation imaginable. My husband's blood pressure went down and he no longer needs medication for insomnia. My daughter said, after the first week, "I feel happier." I have resigned my position as micro-manager of whether he sleeps or she smiles. I feel calmer! Freer.

Beauty is becoming more like wisdom in my eyes. It is a graceful sway to the silent music around us.


  1. what a beautiful post - and to imagine your family coming into their own, as individuals and a group is so wonderful to hear...
    and isn't it so magical how the peace spreads? now there are 3 in your home, but you all will touch people and spread it... i am always fascinated by the ripples we send out, that bring so much in both directions -

  2. Inspiring, thank you so, so very much...