Sunday, January 24, 2010

my work is interfering with my drinking

My husband invited me to a wine tasting event at The Wine Studio of Asheville. Sounds good to me; I love wine, and we keep a nice collection. Then I started trying to recall the last time we'd uncorked a new bottle, and it hit me. We've practically stopped drinking.... how the heck did that happen??!!??

By late last September, my Etsy shop got on steroids somehow. My husband took on a full time job- less flexibility than free lance consultant- and continued to pack and ship my pottery after work. I was working 10 hours in the studio and spending 4 more hours managing my shop. Dinner became a quick sit down event, and our ritual glass of wine got lost in the manic energy to get on with business.

Furthermore, Friday evening used to be wine and cheese night, or saki and sushi. My husband and I either snacked in bed while watching a movie, or ate by the firepit and then laid in the hammock talking into the dark hours. This now seems like a distant memory, although I'm sure we did it last July sometime.

My work is interfering with my drinking. There. I have admitted that I have a problem. Sure, I have tons of cute photos in my Etsy shop, like the one above, but my cabs, merlots, and pinot grigios are neglected.


  1. This is soooo funny. I wonder how many other people would take that First Step and admit they have a problem.

    Maybe you can, close out your browser window, cook up a nice meal, and pop open a Merlot for dinner tonight to begin your rehabilitation.

    Good luck with that and keep us posted on your progress.

  2. hmmm... sounds like you somehow need to get back into that hammock once a week ~ sounds like such a nice connection...
    so congrats on all of the success! the never ending challenge - balance!

  3. well, i suspect there's two sides to the coin .. YAY for your success & for hubby's success!! somehow making time for the wines and the hammock session would be a wonderful idea though .. sounds delicious!

    XOX Kerrin

  4. I hope you both start drinking again... LOL

  5. I'm glad to hear business is booming, but I do hope you regain your balance. Those sounded like really lovely, comforting rituals.