Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gifts for Her

What do women really want? I hope lots of them want a Deco dragonfly mug, because mine is in this week's Voter (Gifts for Her)! And not getting enough love at the moment, so please, consider voting for me! Here is the difference between men and women, according to me:

What do men want? A: What other men have.
What do women want? A: What other women want.

I think that it's so easy to buy gifts for women. Make it personal, heartfelt, slightly luxurious, and at least one notch beyond what she'd buy for herself. Do the little, non-material things for a woman you are gifting- a thoughtful card with a personal note, a great setting in which to present your gift, and sometimes a story about why you thought of her when you chose that gift.

I hope all your gifts this season come with kisses and hugs and shining eyes and maybe some of those golden moments when you know that all is truly well and your heart's desire is actually all around you.


  1. How I love your blog and your posts! You truly are a kindred spirit! And your work is so very lovely....... :)

  2. I bought your dragonfly votive holder for a friend. She's going to love it -- I know I do.

    I like your idea of a gift being one notch above what I would buy for myself. So true. I hope I'm doing the same for others.

  3. Kirsten- thank you!

    Kim- Thanks and I hope your friend feels appropriately pampered!

    One of my girlfriends bought 6 dragonfly pieces for various other people, and not one for herself. You KNOW she secretly wants one! So that's what I can give o her.